How KEZI Was Born

Driven by an enthusiasm for fashion as a form of self expression, KEZI began as an artist’s form of sculpture. With delicate details made from semi-precious stones bound in sterling silver wire, the surprisingly lightweight pieces evoke a subtle boldness that test the limits of traditional jewelry design. Maintaining a commitment to the individuality of our clients, each piece takes shape through a seemingly untraditional, yet refreshingly welcome, use of wire. KEZI designs can be curious, bold, romantic, adventurous, because each piece is created for you.

Olivia Ashjian is a creative force with an eye for the extraordinary. As the Founder and Artistic Director of KEZI, she’s turned her keen sense of style into a trove of over 200 designs that can be found in shops across the East Coast, on the runway, and on the woman you admire most. When she’s not managing her studio in Somerville, Olivia can be found searching for inspiration on walks through nature, in museum galleries, and in books of art nouveau.